About us



“TAKE THA BREAK” is the embodiment of respite. The premise during our product creation is precisely that, a break!
Our wish is to bring a feeling of comfort to people, to induce them to start looking for happiness in the small delights. A home is our core, a place we’re going to step into after a hard days work, it’s a haven where we must feel comfortable. It represents an essence of relationship preservation, space where we find the time for ourselves, as well as for our family and friends. The interior enhanced with TAKE THA BREAK, hand-made products is more than a visual appearance they’re providing. It represents a sensation which awakens something special in people. That’s why this isn’t just a webshop. This is a spot where you can embark on a journey into a world of magic that is the simplicity of living.
The texts from our blog are written with that same purpose as well. To enable you to catch a break from everyday commitments, unload your thoughts and to help you enjoy life.




Pujanke 24/4, 21000 Split